New World Order!

Impact       Active Two waytechreview cultural imprinting determines all human behavior, including thought processes. Behavioral Science 101, human near-blind minds are diadic: sorry, that's all folks. Two way because in our societies life is simply give and take. This website, transportation and accomodations, communication and education, our toes, organs, fingers and eyes, everything human is genomic. Now and forever. Aside from the obvious Fertlity Clinic bonanza and 99.99% of everything we eat, what powers the amazing CRISPR technology in our lives today?

A revolution occured in our understanding of the human genome in the year 2018. Until then it was accepted that the human genes were static. There was no way to alter our genome except by inducing haphazard damage. In 2018, embryonic DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid was clinically adapted with faultless precision to effect immunity to lethal disease. From 2018 on medical enquiry has changed from what massive damage will occur from radiation or toxic exposure, to concern about what a precise change to DNA will do to an individual. We have no experience and very few examples of a "genomic", or member of the genetically adapted population. Only a few such individuals exist.

Application       Genomics that we refer to here are a very special kind of human clone. Genomics in agriculture are historical technological processes. Genomically modified DNA is unique for each individual and is undamaged, typically more robust than unmodified DNA. However, DNA is an ontological process in the living organism, evolved and optimized over millions of years. Tinkering with human DNA is frowned upon by a vast majority of geneticists.

Regardless of how efficient and precise genomic manipulation is, that manipulation will effect extremely rapid cellular change that results in billions of impacts on the cellular structure and function of the individual. Impacts unregulated by eons of evolutionary checks and balances. Each DNA molecule regulates millions of cellular interactions, fine-tuned through millions of years of best-fit adaptive evolution in a centralized integration of the organism that we recognize as life. DNA regulates and performs that integration. The impact of CRISPR's necessarily extremely crude modification of our extremely fine-tuned DNA integration is unknown, though most agree that crude CRISPR manipulation can only result disaster.

What can we do with genomic technology to improve future life for the embryonic human developing in the womb? China's He Jiankui, geneticist at Stanford University has initiated human embryo CRISPR-Cas9 intervention by genetically engineering HIV immunity in 2 "perfect" living human babies, Lulu and Nanaduckduckgo. The infants were born immune to HIV. Along with all their future generations, Lulu and Nana are immune to HIV.

The best we could do for our children previously, with today's traditional somatic post partum DNA tickling, was an altered response to inevitable disease contraction with unknown outcomes, but some human suffering assured: the anti-viral injection protocol. He Jiankui represents a huge threat to dependent global science and technology, that essential crux of ever-so-real human suffering.

Implication       Very predictably, He Jiankui's embryo manipulation was judged to be an "atrocity" that "SCHOCKED" scientists worldwide. China jailed He, handing his research to other Chinese scientists prefered by China. The Communist Party appointed its rich, educated and powerful inner family circles to take credit for and develop He's life sacrifice. China's clone population is growing and may soon mushroom.

The CRISPR implications for the future of humanity are astounding. China, US and USSR are global leaders in genomic science and technology. Yet all three and their allies are working hard to conceal their interest and development. Naturally, the world breathed a thankful sigh of releif as China's genomic families and resources (initially withdrawn while Jiankui was being managed), eventually came aboard to join a huge international team of scientists in 2019. Together today they prepare and deploy genomics that are rapidly changing the quality and logevity of human existence. After He Jiankui was jailed, CRISPR was accepted as a humane (and otherwise) global technology. Social violence directed at He Jiankui clearly reveals massive inequity and injustice in our human nature.

History       Today, Agricultre, military, the wealthy and health instiutions welcome and deploy CRISPR worldwide, as truly ancient priorities. We say ancient priority because humans have been cloning crops for at least 7,000 years, and probably much longer. A lesser priority, educational institutions and even the Pope explore CRISPR technology.

Closer to home, with He Jianqui jailed, many normal patent and copyright restrictions are perhaps ignoredamazon... Commercial and scientific progress has never been so easy. You can join the genomic culture with any free Amazon sample kitamazon. Rub your skin on your own microscope slide. A plucked hair will do. Never in China of course, but join the movement and pluck a hair for He's family, too (sad).

We must never dismiss the global military take on 7,000 years of CRISPR popularity.

It is EASY to do whatever we want to do with Amazon CRISPR Kits. A lot of damage can be done with your free Kit and an easily obtained ingredient, like the Smallpox virus currently deployed by Empire in Afghanistan and too many other locations where Empire has established "Terror" hot spots.

Forever feigning responsibility, the U.S. colony military declares that Smallpox viruses each cost $200,000 of their European colony dollars: cost that the geopolitical European pupit argues will (someday?) knock out the CRISPR Terror threat. But reality check, please. Cost and threat are not a rational balance. There are trillions of free Smallpox viruses and other pathogens, all over Earth. Free Amazon CRISPR Kit and free abundant Virus can rapidly trim global human populations. Fortunately, such a suicidal impulse has not organized itself as ignorant agression, for now (or has it?).

Current military expeditions indicate a serious global threat to human survival. Though the real epidemiology of the COVID-19 leak into China, perhaps murdering over 1 million-and-counting inhabitants of Earth, especially in the colony loudly advertized as the sickest, by global imperial media... remains undisclosed. Pandemic is defined by empire as "the natural occurence", for now.

Today       CRISPR or an offshoot technology is racing to remove disease and starvation threat from human population. That releif could be centuries away, given the unreliable nature of human progress. However, that peaceful and productive eventuality is inevitable.

For now, we seek the simple outcome. Lulu and Nana will close our discussion here with the lowest common denominator. While the CRISPR twins signal the birth of a new era of human evolution, we must not ignore the unfortunate reality. As indicated in our opening YouTube broadcast, Europe's colonial wanna-be fervour is loud and clear. We did not need the Wuhan leak to tell us all where that modern, grossly over-militariized colony has taken genomic warfare.

Fear is the popular media war machine deployed openly for a century in global renegade colonies, mirroring the very same machine in colony homelands. Meanwhile, traditional homeland nation states forge ahead with technological 'solutions', often releasing morre questionable 'solutions' in their colonies. Fear, greed and underlying competition governs and challenges all human settlement. CRISPR introduces a weapon and a benfit... and a new balance in further mired global human relations.

Conclusion       Available public search results indicate that to genetically modify in vitro human embryos He Jiankui has seriously violated ethical normsduckduckgo. Therefore it is China's responsibilityyoutube to manage that inappropriate activity of He Jiankui, supported and exacted in the U.S. colony. At the same time, 8 billion citizens of Earth instinctively and rationally associate He with eons of our own creative, beneficial and intrinsically indispensible genomic activities and institutions. We all want to improvev our future, after all. On the far brighter side...

CRISPR in the end is just a new name for a technology that has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. Speaking to the highest human ideal, will genomics engineeer the architects of peace and stability? Genomics seriously complicates this world and all of our lives. We now understand fully that future human beings will view us all as short-lived, ignorant, unhealthy miserables. We know exactly why, and that is good. Life will improve.

Afterthought      China will likely maintain its lead in human genomics in the foreseeable future. Sceptically, we note that money guides most people to corrupt the best intentionsyoutube, further complication. However, in addition to the simple Smallpox 'tool', always available for bad actors, CRISPR invites an unimaginable diversity of 'balancing' geopolitical consequences. So with humble human hope and also feeling the greatest concern, we all accept that our survival of genomics revolution without integrated physical and social problems is a fantasy.

We close this CRISPR discussion with one truly, very tangled question for China to offer to our wondering world. So that we can all find and support normalcy in our human connection to the future that awaits all of us. What happened to China's family of miracle twin human babies, the daughters of jailed father He Jiankui, genetic ancestor of Lulu and Nana, and where might they all be living today? Thank you.

Enough of humanity's amazing colors.

CSS Color Names... need some color?

How to assemble color with style...

Begin with Tap - Copy - Paste...
1. Color code is neatly arranged in W3 Schools color names groups.
2. There are 141 named colors.
3. Click or tap any color name or hex value, copy and paste into code.

Code your Tap - Copy - Paste...
A.    CSS... p { color: pink; } or p { color: #ffc0cb50; }
B.   HTML... <p class="pink" (.pink), <p id="pink" (#pink)
C. inline... <p style="color: pink;" or "color: #ffc0cb50"
50 represents the hex extension hexa, to apply pink with opacity 50%.

Pink Colors

Pink #FFC0CB
LightPink #FFB6C1
HotPink #FF69B4
DeepPink #FF1493
PaleVioletRed #C71585
MediumVioletRed #DB7093

Purple Colors

Lavender #E6E6FA
Thistle #D8BFD8
Violet #EE82EE
Plum #DDA0DD
Orchid #DA70D6
Fuchsia #FF00FF
Magenta #FF00FF
MediumOrchid #BA55D3
MediumPurple #9370DB
MediumSlateBlue #7B68EE
SlateBlue #6A5ACD
DarkOrchid #9932CC
BlueViolet #8A2BE2
DarkViolet #9400D3
DarkMagenta #8B008B
RebeccaPurple #663399
Purple #800080
DarkSlateBlue #483D8B
Indigo #4B0082

Red Colors

LightSalmon #FFA07A
DarkSalmon #E9967A
Salmon #FA8072
LightCoral #F08080
IndianRed #CD5C5C
Red #FF0000
Crimson #DC143C
FireBrick #B22222
DarkRed #8B0000

Orange Colors

Orange #FFA500
DarkOrange #FF8C00
Coral #FF7F50
Tomato #FF6347
OrangeRed #FF4500

Yellow Colors

LightYellow #FFFFE0
LemonChiffon #FFFACD
LightGoldenRodYellow #FAFAD2
PapayaWhip #FFEFD5
Moccasin #FFE4B5
PeachPuff #FFDAB9
PaleGoldenRod #EEE8AA
Khaki #F0E68C
Yellow #FFFF00
Gold #FFD700
DarkKhaki #BDB76B

Green Colors

GreenYellow #ADFF2F
PaleGreen #98FB98
LightGreen #90EE90
Chartreuse #7FFF00
LawnGreen #7CFC00
MediumSpringGreen #00FA9A
SpringGreen #00FF7F
YellowGreen #9ACD32
Lime #00FF00
MediumAquaMarine #66CDAA
DarkSeaGreen #8FBC8F
LimeGreen #32CD32
LightSeaGreen #20B2AA
MediumSeaGreen #3CB371
OliveDrab #6B8E23
DarkCyan #008B8B
SeaGreen #2E8B57
ForestGreen #228B22
Teal #008080
DarkOliveGreen #556B2F
Green #008000
DarkGreen #006400

Cyan Colors

LightCyan #E0FFFF
PaleTurquoise #AFEEEE
Aquamarine #7FFFD4
Aqua #00FFFF
Cyan #00FFFF
Turquoise #40E0D0
MediumTurquoise #48D1CC
DarkTurquoise #00CED1

Blue Colors

LightBlue #ADD8E6
PowderBlue #B0E0E6
LightSteelBlue #B0C4DE
LightSkyBlue #87CEFA
SkyBlue #87CEEB
DeepSkyBlue #00BFFF
CornflowerBlue #6495ED
DodgerBlue #1E90FF
CadetBlue #5F9EA0
SteelBlue #4682B4
RoyalBlue #4169E1
Blue #0000FF
MediumBlue #0000CD
DarkBlue #00008B
Navy #000080
MidnightBlue #191970

Brown Colors

Cornsilk #FFF8DC
BlanchedAlmond #FFEBCD
Bisque #FFE4C4
NavajoWhite #FFDEAD
Wheat #F5DEB3
BurlyWood #DEB887
Tan #D2B48C
SandyBrown #F4A460
GoldenRod #DAA520
RosyBrown #BC8F8F
Peru #CD853F
Chocolate #D2691E
DarkGoldenRod #B8860B
Olive #808000
SaddleBrown #8B4513
Sienna #A0522D
Brown #A52A2A
Maroon #800000

White Colors

HoneyDew #F0FFF0
MintCream #F5FFFA
Azure #F0FFFF
AliceBlue #F0F8FF
GhostWhite #F8F8FF
WhiteSmoke #F5F5F5
SeaShell #FFF5EE
Beige #F5F5DC
OldLace #FDF5E6
FloralWhite #FFFAF0
Ivory #FFFFF0
AntiqueWhite #FAEBD7
Linen #FAF0E6
LavenderBlush #FFF0F5
MistyRose #FFE4E1

Grey Colors

Gainsboro #DCDCDC
LightGray #D3D3D3
Silver #C0C0C0
DarkGray #A9A9A9
DimGray #696969
Gray #808080
LightSlateGray #778899
SlateGray #708090
DarkSlateGray #2F4F4F
Black #000000

CSS Color Construction

World Wide Web consortium has illuminated a rainbow over design technology and digital communication. Both and W3 Schools (also in reference) describe 141 digital CSS Color Names...
Digital Color today is in its infancy. Let's explore color!

Internet color names are technically refered to as color keywords. Basic color keywords are the original 16 named colors in a single group.


Extended color keywords are the W3 Color Module Level 3 colors that number 141 in 11 “Colors” groups:
Pink 6 Colors • Purple 19 Colors • Red 9 Colors • Orange 5 Colors • Yellow 11 Colors • Green 22 Colors • Cyan 8 Colors • Blue 16 Colors • Brown 18 Colors • White 17 Colors • Grey (or Gray) 10 Colors.
Each colors group has various numbers of hues.

Also known as the X-11 extension, the 2018 June 19 colors are esthetically arranged in 11 color groups. Capabilities of web browser, device and Internet provisions determine extension color display (web color).

Tip:      Designers are not limited to just 141 hues in their extension deployments. Lay down the base CSS named color (perhaps with some transparency). Then lay another named color (also with some transparency) on top. Transparency enriched overlay and base allow us to create literally an infinite number of hues and shades. Using just 141 named colors as a tasteful instiutional departure point, the possibilities are truly unlimited for creative coders.

Begin with a base CSS color layer.
background yellow, code background-color: #ffff00
Then the css 75% transparent overlay is applied:
background yellow, code background-color: #ffff00 and
background blue with 25% opacity, code backgound-color: #0000ff25.
In a word, base colors with or without transparency, enable comprehensive CSS color management.

W3 Color Names include 141 named colors

Respecting coders, we are not applying color styles to the color code below, as we examine CSS color in greater detail. A simple CSS project, constructing the generic file 'w3color.css', simplifies use of W3's "Color Names". W3colors.css features nominal class values for each color name in lowercase. We add first-letter uppercase. This .mycolorname, .myColorName {somecolorvalue} supports greater style diversity: e.g., lowercase class .colorname indicates child style assignments, while nominal uppercase .colorName is used for parent assignments, and .COLORNAME could title top tier assignments. So, for the W3 named color LightSkyBlue, we have custom designer color names, as follows:

Sample CSS with W3 Color Name...
.lightskyblue, .LightSkyBlue { color: #ff0000; } .LIGHTSKYBLUE is also acceptable.
.lightskyblueb { background-color: #ff0000; } ...lettercase must match inline class="lightskyblueb"

Let's go all the way and create our own named colors!
These lowercase-uppercase assignments simply illustrate a possible use of spelling connventions to simplify management of large collections of class and ID selectors in stylesheets.

Custom color names can be added to w3color.css as required. For example, the custom color names sky and cirrus can be created on a website thus:
:root { --sky: #0099ff; --cirrus: #eeeeff; } ...css
body { color; var(--sky); background-color: var(--cirrus); } ...css
<body>This is Sky text on Cirrus backgound</body> ...html

Color culture

The linguistic culture attached to the 141 Color Names is very complex. Colors commnicate trade marks, nationality, faith, and many other aspects of society. Additionally W3 colors require special code formats in an almost countless number of endlessly growing public and private programming languages. CSS and HTML describe two very popular public coding languages.

CSS color names are not necessarily case sensitive. Here we follow W3 School in capitalizing “Color Names” and “Color Name”. CSS is case-sensitive, however. Color Name customization can involve distinguishing lowercase and uppercase Color Name Attributes. It is noteworthy that opacity renders an infinite number of colors, using just 141 W3 Color Names. In fact, Color Names are not mandatory, and in most cases White or white is quickly hexed as #fff.

Some color names...
.sky { color: #0099ff33 } .Sky { color: #0099ff66 } .SKY { color: #0099ff; }
In the above example, lettercase creates 3 unique hues for a custom color group, sky.
.sky { color: #0099ff33 } .sky75 { color: #0099ff3375 } .sky50 { color: #0099ff3350 }...
The sky is the limit...

Our ‘sky’ color name ‘case distinctions’ may work for some browsers and operating systems, but not for others. Support of the full W3 CSS3 Recommendation is rare. Regardless, CSS defines style almost everywhere, and we all enjoy what we can. Incomplete support could be why in 2020 July just over 4% of online browsers provide ‘almost complete’ support for the developing CSS3 Recommendation, that will most likely remain a “Recommendation” long after CSS4 emerges as the new Standard Recommendation, perhaps in 2021. A universal Recommendation is a major accomplishment. Specification status is extremely difficult to achieve, because that would require compliance of many public and manay private technologies that build and maintain the highly restricted, segmented and partitioned, but always connected World Wide Web.

Deploy color

Here is some inline color coding.
This text is red!
<span class="red">This text is red!</span>
This text is yellow on red!
<span class="yellow redb">This text is yellow on red!</span>

Here we are using the w3colors.css custom CSS document. It profides support for all of tthe W3 Color Names, as shown above for the W3 Color Name LightSkyBlue.

Methods to add custom colors to W3 Color Names...

A very common customization of W3 Color Names is to generate styles for the popular CSS Standard selector color. Time to style your color.

Download w3color.css ...
Visit the W3 Schools Color Groups

About Named Colors

CSS color is diverse, rapidly expanding. Here we mention inline, cascading and custom applications. A few additional topics include @media descriptor, blend mode, filtering, hints, linear and radial gradients and stops ...and countless more. Recommended on our bookshelves:

CSS The Definitive Guide, Visual Presentation For The Web,
Eric A. Meyer & Estelle Weyl, O’Reilly Media Inc., Californnia, 2018.
CSS3, Visual QuickStart Guide,
Jason Cranfford Teague, Pearson Education (Peachpit Press), Californnia, 2013.
Inline named colors

Inline style without CSS allows just a few primary HTML colors. Namely, black, green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, white (see below, Special Note for further analysis).

<p style="background-color: yellow;">
the class is applied in a 1-step background-color deployment

Cascading names for many colors

Today, that limited 1981 digital collection of 8 colors is expanded by W3 to include 141 named colors: X11 Colors are now using modern CSS technology in Color Names!

.salmon { background-color: salmon; color: maroon; }
a class selector is given a named color value, and then
<p class="salmon> is applied in a 2-step
the classes are applied in a 2-step background-color / color deployment

Custom color names

How do we use Color Names? That is entirely up to each designer. Companies like Revlon with so many tones and shades in their beauty products, completely ignore them. Humble designers and doodlers (like me) enjoy using Color Names, sometimes exclusively. Though usually with a few custom color names!

Custom Color Names allow unlimited creative integration with real world color assignments. For example, synchronizing web documents with commercial tile and paint colors, in architectural projects. And so on... Here at RiverLeaf, documents often include a favorite custom color, SkyBlue in the style tag.

Here we use <div class="skyblue"> to contain custom color.

:root { --skyblue: #0099ff; --cirrus: #ddeeff; }
:root names a color in hex format, rgb format is also accceptable, any name will do
.sky { background-color: var(--skyblue); color: var(--cirrus); }
a class selector is given the custom color names' values, thus
<p class="sky">
the colors are applied in a 3-step background-color / custom color / color CSS class deployment.

Exploring the W3 color name salmon hex #fa8072, rgb(250, 128, 114) at Color Hexa, we visit
ColorHexa Salmon
and at W3 Schools' Color Groups' page we compare
W3 Schools Salmon
and also at W3 Schools Color Groups Shades'
Salmon Shades
and also at W3 Schools Color Groups Mixes'
Salmon Mixes

Very quickly, it becomes abundently clear that colors represent an extremely complex and vast digital design medium. Many color references explore far more complex science. Named colors herein simply provide simple and very eloquent cultural focus and tactile validity in the backend and frontend code environments.

Color names provide ownership. In a web design contract process it is normal to question customers, showing them the 141 named colors and asking “What color appeals to you?” Color names are stable, easily understood enhancements of design.

HWB (Hue-White-Black) Natural Colors... coming soon

It would be nice to see the W3 extension of Color Names into Natural Colors.

The number of W3 Color Names should be increased. Filling obvious gaps in lighter shades of red, orange, green, grey and darker shades of pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan...
200 official Color Names would work. Is it too late to euphemistically call them the 200 2020 Colors?

Lighter Shades: red, orange, green, grey
Darker Shades: pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue
Full spectrum: pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue white, grey

Demonstration Color Names are added to the following Color Names Table.

Web Color Reference

Riverleaf color is inspired by countless articles online and in print. Some reference material, especially books are costly and copyright. Public resources are useful.

HTML Color Codes

Natural Colors (hwb)

RGB Chromaticity

RG Chromaticity

Color Spaces

RGB Color Model


Color Blindness

Color Sorting

A Firdy Demonstration

Cascading Color Sheet!

Color Name Culture! Science

Are You Color Blind? Science

Genetics of Color Blindness! Science

Corona Virus Disease


Note: This article does not provide any medical advice.


Corona Virus Disease, and specifically COVID-19 is a deadly variant of the common cold. Consult your doctor or health care provider if you want help or information. COVID-19 is a global threat.



Here we consider the COVID-19 outlook, the nature of its threat to human existence. This information is published April 2020 at the outset of pandemic. Expect that statistical numbers of infected and dead will increase rapidly. Expect that racist and totalitarian regimes will fail to confront pandemic effectively (include the United States/Canada in this category), with deadly consequence.

In spite of being the original COVID target, Korea is doing very well, with only a few hundred infections in late 2020. Each human culture expresses a unique pandemic panacea. Canada was likewise apart, but in late 2020 suffered the Second Wave surge. WHO epidemiologists have ploted out the the Third and Fourth surges. It is not yet discounted, that COVID may become a near extinction event, though for now that seems far fetched.

Prudent national health authorities are preparing for a repeat of the 1918 pandemic that took the lives of 20% of the human population. Local governments are doing their best to rise to the occasion, though reading their game plan one may sense gross inadequacy - failure to appreciate severity is very common. At least we are on a path to recovery, in advance of a worsening outlook.


Any medical information provided here reflects the author's professional role in health care provision. Community capacity is a grave global concern. That capacity is far beyond our scope.

This article is a consideration of commmunity disease process, and is not intended in any way as advice or direction of any kind. Please follow medical advice related to health that is appropriate to your community.

The author is a surgical nurse, with several years in university campuses on several continents, studying behavioral science. The intention here is to suggest possibly interesting features of diease, as a community process. Content is not academic, simply trained human reflection on dire yet interesting circumstance.


Covid has some interesting features. For example, males are more prone than females, to serious COVID illness. Therefore, males are more likely to get sick. Also, infected males are more likely to die than infected females. Approximately twice as many males as females suffer severe COVID-19 illness.

It is likely that the common cold being common, we will all be infected by COVID-19. It is expected that the mortality rate of COVID-19 will decrease, as it becomes more prevalent. At the outset, COVID-19 affected older individuals. It is no longer isolated in that age group.

Considering pandemic progress

For tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands, even millions of years, 74% of us die pneumonic, Cold sticken. That percentage is higher, for elders and children with significant developmental disability and poor health at the time of infection. COVID-19 is an overlay of historical morbidity. We manage community barriers to safe resolution, and we maintain promising community outlook with significant experience.

Disease spread determines psycho social complexity that confronts human settlement. COVID-2019 was born in a Romanian Chicken shed. COVID-19 spread to an Italian Pig farm, where it crossed our species' barrier and became a human epidemic. Infected Italian pigs were shipped to China. Naturally, in China the same cross-species behavior occured. International livestock transport pushed the Italian epidemic into a global pandemic. Where one year after COVID-19 became a human illness in Europe, today's pandemic was born.

The Covid epidemic began in Italy, THEN spread to China. Covid did not start in China. Colonial racism in Washington DC, England's most violent modern colony, repeatedly blames China for everything bad. England and its putrid colonies are always weaponizing and war mongering. However, pandemic always begins as epidemic. Any communicable disease that crosses regional boundaries in human settlement, immediately becomes a pandemic. Attracting malignant and counter-productive, racist and fascist contempt. Like the seasonal flu, COVID-19 is an international health concern. In particular, a deadly concern.

Epidemic in Italy


Pandemic in China

The common cold is a very complex disease, that up to now has no cure. We manage symptoms. We move on. Modern science has taken a very novel approach to the seasonal cold, in 2020. This approach is implemented when the following statistics measured initial impact in February, 2020.

Earth has a population of approximately 8 billion, or 8,000,000,000 people. Early 2020, approximately 333,000 people, or
0.00041625% of the global population are infected with COVID-19. COVID-19 has killed approximately 3,000, or
0.000000375% of Earth's population. Roughly 10% of those infected are killed by the infection.

Geopoilitical pandemic response to pandemic reflects all pre-existing conditions (war, poverty, greed, racism, and so on). Quarantine behaviors illustrate massive global inconsistency and universal failure. However, there is a generalized global readiness to confront pandemic with sophisticating health care. Except in a few jurisdictions, where COVID-19 is denied, even as it kills citizens. World-wide COVID-19 has induced hypochondriasis, the fear of sickness that without resposible governance is resulting additional social unrest and further harm.



organizing global fear

Pandemic awareness for most of us is not a primary concern. However, personal disease impacts push that ambivilance into actively shared global stress. Poor governance and uncontrolled fear are also a global feature of pandemic. It may be helpful to understand each individual's strategy to cope with pandemic. Individuals must adopt the structural cultural psychosis that is the only provision offered by global instability and struggling incapacity. Obstructive psychoses limit effective response in every epidemic and pandemic human settlement.

How do we adapt, as human beings? BE CALM! ORGANIZE! Will bi-annual international Cold Season quarantine become essential? For those who can afford quarantine, benefit is immediate and obvious. Europe's modern 3rd world colonies demonstrate the worst COVID-19 impacts on Earth.

Fractured cultures directly reflect individual health. Dense populations further exacerbate COVID-19's tendency to accumulate multiple compounding disease variants in each infected individual. Nation states that suffer fracture and density are more susceptible to pandemic impact. The fractured density susceptibility is best understood as the biosocial RNA marker in human settlement.

Rna messengers
(5 biosocial parallels, time for a little social science)

1] COVID-19 is exposing human brutality. Subject to social alienation. Each human being carries a unique RNA infection-response. Human survival depends on acquiring and sharing that immune response. Shared infection-response increases shared RNA coping response to pandemic. RNA codes dense human settlement to build up RNA enhanced immunity. RNA pandemic response reflects directly the enhanced threat "imposed" on geophysically isolated indigenous populations, by globally racist Imperial European occupations that introduce pandemic disease unfamiliar to indigenous RNA, and predictably then deny health care to indigenous settlement.

2] COVID-19 illustrates colonial genocide everywhere. Parallel to fatal occupation, drug companies are engaging profit that is dependent on prolonged pandemic suffering in target colonies, like the United States. Unsurprisingly these colony hosts demonstrate more COVID-19 infections than any other nations on Earth. That suffering is monetized, entrenched and enforced by European industry. What else has the European oversee taught humanity? Say, intended genocide on indigenous reservations.

3] COVID-19 is proving very deadly and very infectitious, for some (please read 0.00000345% numbers analysis elsewhere, keeping in mind the near extinction concept. We are running into rock walls everywhere. Intravenous steroids reduce transmission and fatality in about half of us. But steroids have lasting and permanent effects, including but not limited to kidney and liver failure, heart attack, stroke and death. Incidentally, females are more easily protected by steroids, in addition to being only half as likely as males to get sick following COVID-19 exposure. Is it a coincidence that for decades the number of female care professionals has outnumbered male counterparts in many cultures? Also for several decades, females have been flooding into the medical professions, in all advanced economies. Given the HIV/COVID cascade, this clearly illustrates an effcient human survival response.

4] COVID-19 directly targets failure to thrive. For those who provide medical care, and wish to understand our specie's tendency to institute compelling and universal care, and to understand the absence of universal care in the United States, appreciation of greed and racism and unrestrained colonial violence is mandatory. The biosocical learning curve is extremely steep, for those held captive by the related cultural psychosis. Empires never decline gracefully. However, understanding aids in optimizing health care delivery. Paternal hierarchies dominate everything in the modern Euopean colony thar is the United States and all other alien apparatchiks occupying the Americas. Speaking mainly English, Spanish and French, modern Colony language adopts strict arrachment to mainly Catholic paternal homelands in Europe. Europe actively facilitates not just language-appropriate education, but also colony administration across the Americas. With one focus, White Supremacy.

5] COVID-19 is impacting undesirable occupation across the Americas. Quarantine is pandemic focused, but also denies indigenous populations access to pandemic related health care resource, as Barbarian invaders sophisticate their racist hate programs. Incidentally, RNA messenger technology inspires just one of many COVID scientific enquiries (biochemical adaptation). European aliens in the Americas likewise lack biochemical anchors that sustain Europeans in Europe... and Americans in the Americas. Our scientific laboratory analysis indicates that 10,000 years of residence is minimal for human organism survival through near extinction events. Will COVID develop into such an event survival? Remember HIV? COVID joins a growing list of threats to human migration. Life on the edge.

Global behavior

Universal quarantine is a necessary and universal benefit that unfortunately escapes implementation in the disease ravaged United States. Normally, concern masks disease impacts and progression, as medically secured populations can safely prosper while masking or minimizing pandemic to shift focus to economic stability. The unsafe population in the United States is engaged globally in over 50 military wars, conflagrating extant and prevalent cultural psychosis. The same 'murder' sickness drives the equally racist and violent culture of Brazil. Marking both parasitic colonies as diseased European 21st century hegemony.

It is human nature, that biosocial (autonomically guided) perception of disease generally reflects organic cultural psychosis, during the condition of pandemic spread (disease RNA extension) as something owned by and ‘conquered’ by one's culture. This tendancy clearly does not interrupt military activity (criminal cultural psychosis). But can conflict help to improve civil pandemic response? Emphatically, no. We can institutionalize our tendency to obtain global pandemic security with safe RNA enhanced human cooperation. That is peace is a genetic expression that is shared and valued above war by almost all human beings, and expressed in their cultures. Conflict services only criminal activity. Sleazy lawyers and wariors who benefit from conflict will forever deny the fact that greed induces their conflict. But that does not change the fact. We learn as children to conflict by deceiving first ourselves and then others. Conflict services only criminal activity. We ahare an extremely filthy world.

RNA enhancement of the human organism ensures that any attempt we make to work together honestly, will succeed. Defined as malotropic tendency, the only sasve for a weekend locked down with unhappy kids. You too? We need people taking control of pandemic together, by demonstrating institutionalized respect for care providers everywhere. That shared focus institutionalizes the only care that we need right now to survive. We need to adjust our cultures to promote pandemic safety, as advised by health care professionals... every one's game plan we hope.

Organic Cultural Psychosis !!

Cultural psychosis is not always a bad thing. Cultural psychosis is where not one, but a group of people (a culture) decide something impossible, derangement must guide human life. With limited human senses, we at best can perceive only 10% of what goes on around us, and often are aware of much less. Cultural psychosis is not useful. But it can consume more than a continent full of mishaps insisting that the Earth is flat. Cultural psychosis tends to be more prevalent in conditions of crisis. When unmangeable urgency 'screams' for fast, convenient answers. Events like "Quarantine" force cultural psychosis.

The fact of quarantine, in itself, supports and enforces more than ever before, a shared perception that we live in fear around any common Cold symptoms, especially the 'perceived' symtptoms of variant COVID-19. In itself, quaratine enhances survival, in the face of COVID's parasitic RNA usurption. Quanrantine and fear work together to generally elevate safety in most circumstances. But there are always confusing exceptions to blanket isolation and avoidance, unless we are frank paranoid psychotics. So how do we cope with quarantine?

Certain to emerge any day now, not just for the rich, cure holidays are a good foundation for healthy community. Up to the 1960's, elders' vanishing tales of the faintly remembered Spanish Flu of 1918. We were warned that danger is always present. COVID-19 opens us to an absence of experience-enhanced health warnings, in most modern cultures. This absence enhances and confuses quaratine and isolation, a biosocial "pandemic". Perhaps it is helpful to distinguish informed and uninformed pandemic exposure.

The INFORMED respect of communal disease predicts the obvious responsible reaction to personal fear, and social disorder, by seeking calm. At the same time, international centers for disease control report increased ambivalence to all forms of communicable disease. The "syphallis Mary" syndrome surfaces, as we all give into RNA directed social urges. Pandemic response may ultimately define the survival of our species. We have no idea how new and rapidly evolving disease pathogens will affect human survival. But we do understand at best 10% of what COVID-19 means to us. Market place will increase online shopping and home delivery. Small things consume our small minds...

The UNINFORMED disease acceptance is normal in India, where Caste precludes access for thte majority, and where 'accessed' minorities are indifferent becacue they are "apart". Pandemic cultural disorientation is normal: mob rioters attack care givers trying to control pandemic, complete lack of social distancing and no masking in massive public protest marches against grossly politically slanted pandemic quarantine in India. Front-line health care professionals, who are indeed Earth's COMMUNALLY ACCEPTED leaders in fighting and surviving the sensational "COVID-19 VIRUS ATTACK ON HUMANITY" denied access to health care buildings by community enforcement. In the face of so much greif, where is the planning for Northern and Southern Hemispheric outbreaks and retreats? Most epidemiologists cannot find any reason to refute their general conclusion, that COVID-19 is HERE TO STAY...

breakout hypochondriasis

group psychosis

!(? global abuse ?)!

Imperial media and Europe's global governance, as well as UK's lame colonial 'blame China' distractions, and a cascade of hypochondriacs in positions of power (e.g., President Trump blustering to international media, "Corona is a fake"), have altogether worked to urgently enforce community shutdown. IN SOME LOCATIONS instilling global panic, as cultural psychosis fuelss reacation that may not comply with global stability and recovery. It is important to promote community adaptation that secures optimal health, peace and stability.

Poverty and care

Cracks appear in humanity's colonial fabric, cracks that define modern power relationships acrosss human settlement that is by nature dynamic. Do not forget that in just 2 million years, we have colonized the entire planet. COVID variants will be a part of every surviving human settlement across a long and deep temporal landscape.

Institutional and global mass poverty determines vulnerability, ensures COVID-19 longevity in our genome. Compliments our RNA based need to genetically archive and overcome pandemic. Historically, societies entrench pandemic resitance in moribund status quo gouging of community. Today the right wing global elite demonstrate wandering fingers and fattening assets, wherever they manage community panic. Public stocks are crashing, but bank equity (golden enclaves of the wealthy) are doing well, indeed. The Prime Minister of Malaysia went too far, is being charged with theft of billions of dollars taken from national banks as personal plunder, and will end his days under house arrest, unless re-elected in government.

As pandemic deepens, extreme poverty worsens, incrementallly in every respect. The populations of incareates also mushrooms. Egypt has constructed enough new jails to house a city, and consequently millions have been jailed for possibly thinking or even dreaming against Dictator Sisi. As American aristoratcy shoves 4% of the middle class onto street-gutter toilets, kids and pets too, health care in that nation competes for dwindling user-pay resource. This is the social dynamic of our world, greed driven and blind to the evils of power. Though in most jurisdictions exist elements or shreds of universal care, that model of care delivery is not fully implemented anywhere.

Yet, for the poor and struggling lower and middle classes, for 99.999% of Earth's human populations, the very minor population impact of COVID-19, mainly targetting the elder population that is on its way regardless, serves only to flood the planet with right wing geosocial support for governance that is vote-scammed democracy and authoritaran wealth. For example, Canada's ruling Liberal party features the leadership of nepotistic aristocrat Justin Trudeau assuming the reins of power from his father, Pierre Trudeau. Indeed, COVID-19's stable, even warring settlements, have assured a poorly integrated, detached from community need and almost entirely ineffectual response to the global contagious COVID-19 disease threat.

WHO and independent epidemiologists cannot see light ahead, in the tunnel of human depravity. Their expected altruistic pandemic response to over-publicized 10-14% death rate among the elderly, is not yet historically proven. Though predictions appeaar to be based in for now sound scientific predictions. The weakness of these predictions is their assumption of a stable global biosocial structure.

However, the movement of capital inside bank vaults is assuringly significant. The momentary shutdown of the capital flow of the common people quickly and certainly diminished public health care assets. Overnight in UK colonial nations like Canada, inspection of health care assets was quickly followed by administrations' cuts to free public medicine. The appearance of universal care is rapidly vanishing as more and more madical services and proceedures become pay-as-you-die. Only the wealthy today benefit from comprehensive basic care. The death of public healeth care everywhere shadows right wing autocratic, aristocratic and colonial health care statgems that service only the wealthy and favor only the right race, appropriate to each jurisdiction on our planet.

So-called “true democracies”, the modern affluent autocracies on Earth do offer the greatest pandemic resilience potentials, as they 'spend' the research and delivery benefits delivered from decades of so-called universal care. True potentials are not realized anywhere on Earth, due to institutional greed-driven governance over-laying a diseased and impoverished mass that is 99.999% of the human population, a mass whose sudden accesss to care would drain available resource instantly. This care delivery condition is suffering that is said to be 'human nature'.

state equities

elitist wealth

eons of poverty

Disease management, the human pattern of disease control is threatened across the Americas, by Europe's neocolonial attitude's. We are rapidly falling into decreased health care. The colonized continents of the Americas are entirely helpless in this respect. Over 97% of the assets of the Americas are owned and controlled behind the scenes by offshore Europeans. Deficient colonial structure, namely poverty and poor resource distribution resulting from global poverty, essential to colonial greed, is generating socioeconomic chaos. Market conflict supports characteristic genocidal undercurrents that necessarily accompany colony poverty and the pre-existing conditions of Europe's criminal occupation of the land and resources that belong to the peoples of the Americas (invasion).

Everywhere, the UK and its colonies issue psychobabble, announcing the United States as Earth's greatest power. It remains a protrstrated European investement hub. A grunt camp fighting Europe's endless centuries of wars of colonial rape, theft and occupation. Who appreciatese colony leadership for the real work and the real threats that Europe faces in its colonial hemisphere? None, or at best very few reaal geopolitical associations surface in WHO's pandemic broadcast. Reality is distorted by global psychobabble that serves no interest, but clearly reflects cultural psychosis. In the context of this document, what are the health care horizons attached to that global psychosis? The answer to that question demonstrates in mmodern health care delivery.

We give you our best!

As noted in our introduction, there can be no consideration beyond base threat provisioning: given the reality of pandedmic, we do our best to maintain (and as necessary, modify) existing community controls and delivery. There is no recognition of Colony's critical structural role in diseaase extension. Such inequity, while foundational to extension of COVID-19 impact, is beyond our scope here. We are simply respecting pandemic foothold and reinforcements in deficient social structure. Naturally, global empires shape pandemic outcomes, that resonate in human settlements across hundreds of thousands of years. However, regardless of human incapacity to shape Imperial pandemic reinforcements (reinforcements securing all modern societies), these biosocial conditions inevitably are the primary shapers of all community response to pandemic in all human settlement. Noted, we assume that resource interdependence ensures survival, and this assurance pre-determines our integrated responses. Great consideration there for Ping, in China. Is it possible to secure all human settlements as pandemic progresses? Are our social controls sufficient to withstand pandemic?

A clear view of biosocial pandemic, that shapes every thought and dream we share, is critical to understanding and engineering of survivable pandemic response: leadership must be finely and securely tuned into the needs of governed populations. There is great hope, we only need to enable hope. Greed is exclusive. Hope is inclusive. Greed is criminal. Hope is humane. Greed is failure. Hope is survival. But how do governing elites deliver hope?

The segregation of greed and hope in human settlement is today meaasuring the infiltration of covid-19 into our global cultures. Greed coincides with extensive disease spread. Hope lives in resistant populations. There are many other measures, but these are useful, as they simply capture all state intervention. This measured diadic balance defines a watermark cultural adjustment, defines human survival and social organization easily measured by governance everywhere. The morality defining the respect of community survival is of great value, and essential...

Covid moral compass

Why is this respect important? The COVID infiltration will continue to reshape global human settlement, in the year 2020 and onwards, as the Common Cold impacts human settlement. Each to their own, but it is the author's impression that all is well, and everywhere national holidays have been declared: the kind with "no peeking" in our banks. Most importantly, our banks are doing well, relatively speaking. We the people and our governing elites expect no less!

Stock markets today are a pandemic irritation, however. So the industrial framework for COVID pandemic recovery is in bad shape. Key war zones are experiencing increased aggression. The UK (United States and other European investment hubs) has hundreds of trillions of currency units encircling the Earth with what may prove useless, but for now is also dynamic military hardware abd social threats. In China, and other secure regions, the movement to global pharmacological COVID cure is likewise intensifying.

Therefore, in a needlessly dangerous environment, all of our health care providers need to consider, right now... what are the implications of life without The Cold? Will China complete our global vaccine, that WHO is finalizing in Chinese medical laboratories? Will colonial, conflicted governments like the United States continue to louD-mouth and generally obstruct global vaccine development. The over-militarized 60-trillion in-debt United States is as expected begun to announce that only it 'ha$ the cure'...

ai ...acquired immunity

hm ...human mortality

hs status

COVID-19 is a global contagion, harboring in and spread by all human beings, everywhere.

Human health is dependent on the Corona virus. Outcomes for removal of an historically sustaining, well-patterned and integrated biosocial disease condition are unkown. As is the likelihood of lasting succcess in such a major transformation of the human health continuum! Corona virus has directly shaped and strengthened our AI for eons. Even if China would configure such immunologic adjustment, a global vaccine-based immunity to COVID will have many consequences.

The Chinese are deploying humanity's largest economy, our most advanced medical resources, in the war on COVID. China under WHO guidance just days ago (2020, February) launched research into a vaccine that will be universally administered (some time in the year 2021). The plan is to fight possibly worsening Corona Virus Disease variants that are reasonably expected to appear in the year 2021.

From 2020 February's 333,000 active infections, we have risen to estimates between 10 million and 15 million infections by 2020 June, with the lingering 10-14% death tole. No one knows where the ancient COVID presence will take us tomorrow.

Biosphere evolution

The greatest biosocial impacts of an unexpected and intense community progression of the common cold (COVID) could be dire, as our tiny dance steps with COVID-19 make clear. We are all aware that at every level of the global colonial social pyramid, criminal hustlers are exploiting pandemic. The same hustlers have exploited American people across 500 years of colonization.

The currrent European brainwash and crude assault on Americans, is to label only European outposts in the United States colony as being 'american'. European occupation across the Americas and similar settlement didsruption by Russia and China, countless territorial transgressions are facing active and future adjustment.

COVID-19 is currently most deadly in Europe's colonies in the Americas, specifically in the United States and in Brazil where the greatest imppacts of pandemic are witnessed today, on Earth.

That is to say, COVID today (AI, HM and HS) is an out of control stimulant of human change. Within so-called stable community, adjsutment will also occur. For pandemic survivors, adjustment of social order will occur, reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic. Biosocial stability is a useful human priority. COVID-19 will test if and how that priority dictates community and human settlement survival.

global awareness

shared knowledge

community stimulus

It is noteworthy that the healthcare sector internationally is underprotected and over exploited. Our professional healthcare services will be required in the future, yet our population is most at risk. That risk is forced upon us and internationally enforced by global community. COVID directly attacks our frontline as it decimates a small portion of our frail human condition. Under a microscope, COVID-19 pandemic in its most virulent episodes, looks grim.

2020 March 18, the death of the otherwise "optimally healthy" 21 year old Spanish National Football Team coach: fatal infection favors youth, where pulmonary fibrosis triggers immediate shock and may result sudden death. It is a myth that youth is immune. Just as it is a myth that COVID will suddenely vacate our COVID-dependent immune systems. The critical importance of that permanence cannot be over estimated. COVID-19 cannot be stopped - must ware itself out. Vaccine or no vaccine.

Qurantine is especially practical. COVID in situ infects each individual with RNA unique to that indidual. Each spread incident codes the COVID with another unique fingerprint, The more fingerprints in an indidual's COVID guest, the more difficult it becomes for that individual to fight infection. COVID is an efficient killer in crowded spaces. Social distancing, our only defence is critically important!

social distancing

limited assets

disease progression

Elder human COVID-permanence is captured, with or without the particular COVID-19 variant. For 74% of us, it is noteworthy that lingering pneumonia is the universal prelude to death. For all of us, COVID is no stranger to the human life span. For the remaining 26% of 'passing' elders cancer, heart attack and fatal stroke are the alternative to covidial pneumonia. For those of us younger, prior to inevitable aging, human permanence offers an enjoyable nasal tickle... as the mild sniffle settles in. Resulting 'lower lung fibrosis', poor oxygenation of blood, negative impacts on brain function, impaired immunity, diminished productivity. The international, universal and permanent human coronal conditon.

Human outlook

Understand that all of our best wishes and hopes rest in research in China. Some good will come of our new vaccine. Not immunity, but improved lives, perhaps. What is the implication of competitive state management in health care, for the human extinction line? Is a 'global cure' emminent? Nature is taking its usual course.

covid's conclusion

global presence

shared objectives

The Common Cold trains and strengthens our immune systems. The Cold has thus intricately and inextricably shaped human settlement for tens of thousands of years, a deeply embedded historical presence. 200,000 years ago we survived, while Neanderthal was sniffled out. Our turn, now? What care is really behind today's global Cold scare, and what of value to all will emerge, if we survive what follows? Fact of life: at life's end, we become prone to a host of issues and threats.

COVID today enhances issues and threats in a very natural way. We are human, so this experience is shared by all of us, as pandemic response. Enjoy, please!

You have options...

Care is a very interesting phenomena, in our species. We all care. Care is both the measure, and the anchor of everything that we call peace and well-being, community. Yes. Commmunity is care. Help COVID to make our communities stronger, more resilient and more peaceful.

Available Options


Think Happy

The Covid Moment
(once praise dream)

Once upon an eternal calm, colors of gray Covid Sunday we pondered our fates. Too many, stars wide and far between. Winds' forgotten whisperings tussling gravity's impressions, Quark that is our only understanding. Rains' wanderings, shimmerings in robes of smog. Sun festooned in filth at each end of night and day.
 Sadly rare, now hear Her lament; panicked, minuscule pod of Whale, fleeing harpoon of Human greed, raking flesh and mind, as one. Torn too, from The Great Rivers Of Life, decimated intercontinental regime refuge, universal sewer. May the Grace of Kind Spirits comfort us, all. There is no god thing to answer our call, only this final lapse of judgement, scorned and screaming absence, death. Then. From one among us all, born toil, book of Ages... silence.
Lakeshore woodlands reach beyond, into the calm space where our hearts belong...

Praise rain; Seagull dive: curl of Vine, Raven talk. Praise hurt; house slack in stand of Tree: dignity rooted. Praise dark; Moon curls and cradles: wing fall, in Bear sleep. Praise mist; warrior birthing Earth eclipse: firey leap of Sun, just star. Praise backwards; upward Sky: baby cry, spirit food. Praise canoe; firey Fish rush, hole for Frog: upside-down. Praise day; Cloud cup, mind flat: forget it all... Praise crazy; praise sad. Praise land; pathway hollow. Praise the eaten; praise the eater... Praise beginnings: praise endings. Praise song: praise singers. Praise roads; Earth and Water.
Praise rain: it brings more rain. Praise rain: raining, rain....

Dream memory (dream the colors of sleep awakening, dream emptiness)... remembering.
Going away.
We are. Always. Colors going away.

From (adaptation) Praise Rain by Joy Harjo, Conflict Resolution For Holy Beings




Data-title attribute...

Center balance & content flow

Those of you who have a hard time peacefully wrapping thoughts around doing things sensibly, another way... take a break.

Did you know that it is possible to create navigation without element a, but using data-title to navigate between links? Fun stuff, mocassins.

CODEPEN: Attribute data-title vertical balance (nothing wrong)
type granularity (

Consideration: .falogo::after{font:1rem; margin-left:-100%; margin-top:100%; top:1rem; transition: all;}
Typoography is of interest, because each character is an independent application, and not all fonts' applications are in balance around each system's unique data-title behavior. Data-title means application transport gateways function. The following notes reflect juggling character display and fontawsome inside Codepen... and on the desktop. Tricky fiddles, for front-end coders.

Can also use: top:2rem;, with another style behavior destabilizing Codepen display of this tooltip. Codepen frame'ing could be the problem. ...Attributes anchor position relative to specific element, herein the typography font app. Codepen api may show weakness here, due to corruption of tool-tip position: unlike on desktop, the large centered SVG icon font in codepen is not positioned correctly in Safari. .center{transition:inherit;} that sometimes helps style grouped features, no help. Codepen data-title fail on large icon is preceded and followed by correct tool-tip positioning. Class selector .center{font-size:5vmin;} presents no problem. Codepen api shows problems when font-size is larger: .center{font-size:85vmin;}. This suggests similar problems in similar environments, elsewhere. FontAwesome, other remote services may also be disrupting Codepen display of code. Front-enders can only sigh with relief, for those who maintain the frames in online design shops.


  • Layout alignment
  • Positioning mixed
  • Works with codepen, with restriction

Works in Safari to provide one equal distance between tool-tip and tool-tip anchor for various anchor font sizes (example). Firefox Tor lags on top:1rem; and removes 2-3 vertical pixels as it eqully adjusts each data-title display's vertical spacing to reflect font-size and line-height for page! Enlarge .center{font-size: 85vmin;}: data-title positioning as expected is restricted by window sizes, including scroll-bars that ignore typographic viewport size in relation to scroll-bar display, for Safari. Method involves viewport adjustments to % and rem measure, in deploying typography apps. Each online font character represents a streamed app.


to make any image
swap in the display

  • type as graphic
  • css to populate image space
  • user activity
  • failed universal access

Change image in CSS on hover

Here are two images that we will swap on hover. Tutorial Republic offers the traditional Standards compliant, very basic CSS image swap on hover.

Let's swap Avatar and Avatar.

The image swap should work inline Image BackImage Front, as shown at Tutorial Republic, but does not work here. We must adapt the code. Try inline span style="inline" CSS image swap support varies across devices and is code-dependent.

Image swap code

/* / */
.imgswap { display: inline-block; position: relative; }
.imgswap .imgtop { display: none; left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; z-index: 99; }
.imgswap:hover .imgtop { display: inline; }
<div class="imgswap">
<img src="/examples/images/imageswap-back.jpg" alt="Back image">
<img src="/examples/images/imageswap-front.jpg" class="img-top" alt="Front image">

W3 Schools offers a rather complex How TO - Image Overlay Icon.

								Head tag
								<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
								.container { margin-left: 25vw; max-width: 50vw; position: relative; width: 100%; }
								.image { display: block; width: 100%; height: auto; }
								.overlay { bottom: 0; background-color: steelblue; background-image: url('ccaps.png'); background-size: 50vw 50vw; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 100%; left: 0; opacity: 0; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; transition: 1s ease; width: 100%; }
								.container:hover .overlay { opacity: 1; }
								.icon { color: moccasin; font-size: 100px; left: 50%; position: absolute; text-align: center; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); -ms-transform: translate(-50%, -50%); }
								.fa-user:hover { color: lightskyblue; }
								<div class="imagespace" style="margin-left: 25%;" width="50%"></div>
								<img src="logoBlue.png" width="50%"><br>
								<img src="logoRed.png" width="50%">
								<div class="container">
									<img src="img_avatar.png" alt="Avatar" class="image">
									<div class="overlay">
									<a href="#" class="icon" title="User Profile">
									<i class="fa fa-user"></i>
This method works with most devices.

The way of orchard cocoons

Originally, I learned the current Tutorial Republic method, from W3 Schools. Unfortunately, today's Apple despktop devices are Not Standards Compliant, and are unable to display the standards compliant basic CSS image swap, linked and coded above. For unsubscribed Apple visitors, simple CSS has vanished... forever!

At the same time that Apple abandoned simple CSS image rollovers, Apple Update has attacked and corrupted User custom icons. The victim icons were created using time honored in situ drag-and-drop of ICNS files onto any desktop icons - the ‘old’ Apple customization method. This attack from Apple Update removed all icon customizations, flooding systems with unhidden icon? files, and placing question marks ?'s at the end of all new TextEdit RTF files. Erase and reinstall, no help.

System Admin must now contort through multiple system dialogs. Apple graphic development has taken a serious hit, late 2019. Secret security issues, washed out color indexes, the list goes on. Thankfully, all that our code needs here, is just a little image swap. Shoo! Get lost, orchard pests.

The image swap

Here is the current Tutorial Republic image swap on hover demonstration. Hover over the image to see the effect. Includes a free Font Awesome tweak! Hover the tweak and invent, all you coders out there.

The Bones of Art

Let us carefully show increasing respect for the devices' display priority hierarchy. Then, here are the images that we swap... Above the scripted Core of Font Awesome code imperatives, invisible geopolitical domain imperatives. A world beyond the designers' reach. Digging up the bones of art.

HTML Tag Family

Soon to be released, HTML6 and CSS4 will support the tag family more comprehensively than HTML5 and CSS3.

The term "tag family" describes a co-location of similarly directed HTML tags, grouped inside of a parent container tag that traditionally would group only its own content. Tag families already exist in navigation, where menu and nav tags group child tags.

The purpose of tag family coding is to enhance the logical layout of HTML content. Support on the Apple platform is intermittent and unstable. Likewise the PC platform, as HTML and CSS are very much in a concstant state of development. In the future, heading tags and content flow tags may improve the current definition of regional code relationships, while greatly sophisticating content delivery and appearance.

For now, we can approximate tag family appearance using CSS, though support for the HTML tag coding may be questionable. It is likely that HTML6 CSS4 will improve tag relationships.

h1 { color: blue; font-size: 2rem; }
p { color: black; font-size: 1rem; }
h1 p { color: blue; font-size: 1rem; }
<p>blue text</p>
black text


A white text - style="color: white;"

A red text - style="color: red;"

A black text - style="color: black;"

More to come...

In the blue box above, the H1 element contains the P element.
From 2016-2020 this H1 container works well. Let's call it task focus web coding However, in July 2020 the H1 cccontainer tag becomes transiently unstable. At the same time, HTML6 and CSS4 begin to take shape as backends to the extant HTML5 CSS3, indicccccccating increasing active '64' test ramps. Interesting that focusing "containier" in the HTML/CSS search below appears to increase technical depth. When it happens, tag containers (the tag family) will personalize and especially task focus code to enrich style. For now, we can search for any threads of this new TASK FOCUS WEB CODE from this starting-point: "HTML6" "CSS4" "container"...
DuckDuckGo | Google | Qwant | Bing | FineComb | Yandex (most results) and explore, share and enjoy.